When is the best time to visit Antigua?

When truly is the best time to visit Antigua? Well, it depends entirely on the activities, seasonal appeal and weather you’d prefer to experience. Antigua enjoys a warm, tropical climate year-round and,generally speaking, it tends to be drier with less humidity than most other Caribbean islands.

That said, the island does have its popular peak season in the winter and springtime, with hurricane season typically running from June to November, though there are still plenty of adventures to be had during this time of year.

December to April: Peak paradise for sun lovers and keen sailors

Undoubtedly the most popular time to visit due to the hot temperatures, sunny forecast and lowest chance of rainfall from mid-December through to the end of April, the winter and spring months tend to reign supreme, offering nothing short of idyllic conditions for those seeking a slice of paradise.

Whether you’re seeking beach days relaxing in the pleasant climes or an adventure beneath the water is calling your name, the island offers a variety of excellent day trips to be enjoyed during this period. From snorkelling in the turquoise seas, to enjoying the island’s delicious cuisine, December to April lends itself perfectly to holidaymakers looking to maximise on experiences during their stay in Antigua.

Another perk of visiting Antigua in peak season, and possibly the main selling point for most,  is the excellent sailing conditions. For those seeking a holiday with more time spent on water than on land, then April-time offers the best world-famous trade winds, offering exhilarating gusts, which is why the month also sees the return of world-class sailing at Antigua Sailing Week.

For those new to the sport, the north side of the island offers calmer seas and lesser winds, making it a great base to perfect your sailing skills. If you seek a more thrilling adventure, then a visit to the island’s southern coast is a must-visit. With a variety of anchorages and harbours across the island, you’ll be spoilt for choice when embarking on your tropical nautical adventure.

June to October: Antigua’s nesting season for the turtles

While the summer and autumn months tend to encompass the island’s quieter season, the temperature only drops a mere 5 degrees or so all year round because of its proximity to the Equator, resulting in little seasonal variation. These months tend to be regarded as the Hurricane season – though, generally, June and July remain relatively hot and are rarely affected by Caribbean storms. That said, the island does see a very specific repeat visitor during this time: the sea turtle.

From Leatherback to Hawksbill, Antigua is visited by a variety of sea turtle species during the quieter months of June to October. During this period, the sea turtles make their way ashore, laying their eggs on one of Antigua’s 365 beaches. After a 2 month incubation period, the little ones hatch, before making their way into the sea to start their new life.

For guests of Pearns Bay House, this wonderful spectacle can be witnessed up close, with the property boasting shorefront views overlooking the quiet, sandy beach, a popular choice for some of the wildlife looking to lay their eggs in seclusion.

To find out more about turtle hatching season, and our top tips for visiting during nesting season, take a look at our blog.

November: Embracing Antigua’s culture through art

November sees the beginning of the Antigua and Barbuda Art Week, a dedicated celebration of the island’s creatives, expressing the history of their island through art.

Live music and spoken word will fill the air, colourful and poignant displays of Antigua and Barbuda art will dot the landscape, dancers in bright, cultural wear can be found at various national landmarks, and inspired spectators will be invited to pick up paintbrushes for interactive painting sessions with featured artists during the week.

Pearns Bay House itself also boasts a selection of artwork throughout the property, in addition to the impressive sculptures featured by the poolside (take a look at our blog on the iconic Hurricane Girls here) and the landscaped gardens, most hand-picked by the property’s original designer, Piet Boon. Over the years, we have been adding to this incredible collection with more curated pieces both inside and in the gardens – a real spectacle for the art connoisseurs among us.

The best place to stay in Antigua

So, now we’ve fully convinced you that Antigua is the place to visit if you’re seeking sunshine, adventures and unforgettable experiences in buckets, it’s time to start planning your escape.

Pearns Bay House is a secluded six-bedroom luxury villa set on the west coast of Antigua. Boasting incredible interiors, panoramic sea views, infinity pools and situated just steps from a serene beach, it’s a one-of-a-kind getaway. The property also comes with a dedicated team, from a House Director to private chef, dedicated to making sure every moment of your stay with us is truly memorable.

If you would like to know more about Pearns Bay House and our availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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