The Best Viewpoints in Antigua

Whichever direction you head in when visiting the beautiful island of Antigua, you’re guaranteed to be rewarded with breathtaking views of crystal clear waters, lush landscapes and sandy white beaches.

That said, the island does have some must-see lookouts to ensure you really get the most out of your visit. Whether it’s climbing to the top of some of the island’s impressive peaks or exploring Antigua’s rich history and the relics left behind, here are our top recommendations for the best viewpoints in Antigua.

1. Shirley Heights Lookout

Without a doubt, Shirley Heights is often regarded as the most popular lookout point in Antigua. Shirley Heights Lookout sits about 490 feet above sea level, boasting endless views of the harbours, rolling coastline and, on the clearest of days, you may even spot the volcanic island of Montserrat in the distance.

Steeped in history, Shirley Heights Lookout was originally used as a military lookout, and it’s not difficult to see why! A short but steep walk up the side of the peak will quickly deliver one of the best views in Antigua.

If you want to maximise your visit up to Shirley Heights, we recommend catching the sunrise to see the sky aglow with pinks and oranges, or during dusk as the sun begins to set and the towns below light up for the evening.

Close by, you’ll also find Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre, a popular attraction that offers insights into the island’s history, particularly focusing on the colonial period and the naval history associated with Nelson’s Dockyard.

2. Signal Hill Hike

If you don’t mind the climb, then hiking through the island’s dense forest and up the second-highest peak on the island is one for the bucket list. The walk, starting from Wallings Nature Reserve, offers a scenic trek through lush landscapes complete with nature trails, diverse flora, and unparalleled panoramic views of the entire island from Signal Hill’s summit.

3. Devil’s Bridge

For those with an interest in learning more about the stories behind Antigua’s heritage, a visit to Devil’s Bridge is a must-see.

Devil’s Bridge is both a natural viewpoint and a symbolic historic monument steeped in rich Antiguan history. This mesmerising, rugged and rocky coastline has a natural arch carved by the wild and powerful sea below, a far cry from the gentle waters you’ll find on other parts of the island.

Legend has it that enslaved inhabitants on the island dove into the deep waters below, seeking their freedom. Now, the viewpoint serves as a poignant reminder of the island’s resilience and its rich cultural heritage.

4. Monk’s Hill

Monk’s Hill, also known as the Fort George trail, is a quieter alternative to Shirley Heights Lookout and is considered a shorter, gentler walk along a forgotten fort. However, there is absolutely no compromise on breathtaking scenery once you reach the top.

You can still expect breathtaking views of Antigua’s English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour, all while seeing Fort George in all its grandeur. Built in the 17th century, Fort George is one of the best-preserved examples of military architecture on the island, and given its purpose as a strategic lookout point against threats at sea, it’s safe to assume this spot guarantees a fantastic view.

While the fort sits mostly redundant, the ruins serve as a reminder of the military undertones that lie within Antigua’s historical narrative, all while offering one of the best views on the island.

5. Fig Tree Drive

For a more authentic and tranquil experience exploring the Antiguan countryside, Fig Tree Drive is a brilliant way to see the island’s diverse landscapes and rich rainforest.

On this 7-mile road that runs through the centre of the island, you’ll find fresh fruit hanging above, including banana, mango and pineapple trees – a true taste of the Caribbean – as well as lush vegetation and vibrant flora and fauna.

While the serene scenery is impressive enough from the road, you can also head up into the treetops to enjoy an unforgettable zipline experience, too. Home to the Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour, you’ll walk over a suspension bridge, trek through the dense rainforest, and even spend a moment or two in a treehouse, before taking in the birdseye view from above with a thrilling zip line experience.

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