Luxuriously sustainable

We are committed to protecting the environment that helps to make Pearns Bay House and its surroundings so special.

Pearns Bay House was designed to make full use of Mother Nature’s natural resources so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your stay in paradise is completely sustainable.

Pearns Bay House is partly powered by the thing we love most – the sun. Our solar panels help to cook the food you eat, cool your bedrooms and even heat up the pool to your desired temperature. The sun likes to shine a lot in Antigua, which means we are in plentiful supply and when we’re not, we have back up at the ready!

Rainy days are few and far between but that doesn’t mean we don’t make the most of it when it does. We collect all the rain water to use on the landscaped gardens that grow all the fruit that we serve our guests. This means that we don’t need to use precious water from the island and can still make sure all our gardens are kept lush and green.

We even make sure that all of our communication to you both before and after is as sustainable as possible and we only ever use paper that is recycled or FSC certified. Why not help yourself to a postcard or two during your stay – they are completely compostable!

All of our toiletries within the house are made by The Bath House – artisans of natural beauty. Made from natural ingredients, they won’t harm the environment or the marine life surrounding the house and are packaged in completely sustainable, recycled bottles.

We are continually finding new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and welcome our guests to help us.

Turn your dreams into a reality

Every stay at Pearns Bay House is tailored to give you an unforgettable experience.

Begin your journey to paradise.