An intimate Antiguan wedding at Pearns Bay House

We get numerous people emailing us asking us if we offer wedding packages. After much consideration and careful planning to ensure that we only offer the best possible wedding to any couple, we have decided to offer small, but perfectly formed exclusive weddings within the house and its grounds. In this blog, we’ve put together details of our package and a helpful guide on creating the perfect Antiguan intimate wedding and all the legal details on how to marry on the sunny isle of Antigua.

Weddings at Pearns Bay
To make full use of the house, its facilities and panoramic surroundings, we can accommodate weddings of up to 12 guests. This will allow your chosen family and friends to stay at the house and enable them to feel a part of your magical moment before, during and after, making it an unforgettable experience for all of your nearest and dearest.

You will have full use of the property and are able to have your intimate wedding ceremony anywhere from the terrace with a perfect sunset backdrop, to the beach and golden sands – perfect for a barefoot boho soiree. You can even make a spectacular entrance and arrive by boat from the reef!

Our team of dedicated staff will be on hand throughout your whole stay and the house chef will work with you to ensure all meals and your wedding breakfast is to your exact requirements.

The House Director will be able to help with any planning and organising you may need in the lead-up to the day, allowing access to suppliers, recommending local businesses and working with your chosen wedding planner to make sure everything runs seamlessly so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

Pearns Bay House benefits from a private cottage to the rear of the property with its own terrace overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea. It comes complete with a super-king sized bed, ensuite shower room, living space and terrace and offers the wedding couple a little extra privacy away from the wedding guests.

To make sure that we can accommodate your dream day, all that we ask is that you hire Pearns Bay House for a minimum of five nights and that all of your guests (up to a maximum of 12 people sharing six bedrooms) stay at Pearns Bay. By keeping to this number, you will be able to fully make use of the house and all of its facilities.

Looking for a wedding planner?
If you would like someone on the island dedicated to making your day truly special, we would recommend working with a local wedding planner that has all the contacts and is on the island, able to coordinate your logistics. They will take away all the stress and confusion of planning a destination wedding and we can work directly with your chosen planner to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is taken care of before you even arrive.

Indigo Events Services, a destination wedding planner, has worked exclusively in Antigua since 2006. A small, close-knit team, they have worked on a variety of weddings from small and intimate to grand and formal and can take care of every little detail from invites to flowers and cakes.
For more information, click here.

What are the legalities of getting married in Antigua?
If you do want to get married in Antigua and Barbuda then there are a few legal requirements and documents that you will need to bring with you.

Your wedding ceremony will be conducted by a marriage officer who is appointed by the state of Antigua and Barbuda and is legally recognized on the island. The day and time of the ceremony can be agreed upon by the two parties and usually can be performed after one working day. If the wedding is to be performed outside of the Court House there is a Marriage Officer fee of EC$675.00 or US$250.00. We can work with your wedding planner to organise this.

Every marriage must be solemnised or celebrated in the presence of two or more credible witnesses.

To prepare for the wedding there are three steps to take to fulfil your legal obligations.

Step One: You will need to apply for a marriage license at the Ministry of Legal Affairs on Queen Elizabeth Highway. There are two types of Marriage License:

Ordinary License
One of the parties must be resident in Antigua & Barbuda for a period of 15 days immediately preceding the date of the application for the license. The application for an ordinary license must be accompanied by a fee of US$40.00 or EC$100.00 payable at the Ministry. For an Ordinary Licence, you will need to schedule an appointment for an interview with the Marriage Coordinator by contacting the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour on 268.462-0017/9 or email:

Special License
There is no wait time or Residency requirement needed to obtain a special license.
The petition for a special license must be accompanied by a fee of US$150 or EC$405.00. For a Special Licence, you will need to schedule a Zoom meeting for an interview with the Marriage Coordinator by contacting the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour on 268.462-0017/9 or email: The following original legal documents are required when making the application.

You will be required to fax or scan and email the required documents to the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety, and Labour, prior to the Zoom Meeting:

  • A valid passport
  • A birth certificate (if changing name)
  • Proof of marital status, original or notarized copy of Decree Absolute is required if one or both of the parties is divorced.
  • In the case of a widow/widower, the death certificate of the deceased spouse is required
  • If either party has changed their name by deed poll or adoption, then proof is required.
  • If either party is under the age of 18 then the consent of one or both parents/guardians is required in the form of an affidavit stamped by the notary public, and a birth certificate.

Should you have any questions the Marriage Officer can be reached at 268.562.0381 or by e-mail at

Step Two: A registration fee of US$40.00 or EC$100.00 is payable at the Accounts Department of the High Court just below the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Step Three: Armed with the two receipts, head down to the Antigua Barbuda Civil Registry at 1932 High Street. Here you will need to complete a form with all the information to figure out the Marriage Certificate. The Marriage certificate will be signed at the time of the wedding ceremony with one original copy staying with the wedding couple and another with the Civil Registry. Additional copies of the Marriage Certificate can be obtained from the Civil Registry at a cost of EC$25.00 or US$10.00.

If that seems too daunting, don’t worry, we can work with the wedding planner to help you to organise it all!

Why not have a look around our gallery page to plan your perfect ceremony location.

Ready to know more? Contact our House Director, who will be more than happy to provide pricing, availability and more information on planning your dream wedding at Pearns Bay House.

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