An interview with Karin Meyn, Creative Director, Studio Piet Boon

The modern minimalistic design and interiors at Pearns Bay House are integral to our guests’ experience. Featuring a private beach and unobstructed panoramic views, Pearns Bay House is the perfect place to escape, experience, and exhale. With enough space for up to 12, it’s the perfect escape for a family retreat. The sheltered and modest design makes the house a perfect romantic getaway for two.

The natural stone, floor-to-ceiling windows, and vast terraces all help to ensure a seamless transition from outside to indoors and each suite offers direct beach access to the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Once inside, care and attention have been brought to every little detail, offering guests a secluded getaway, a place where you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful location, together or with a group of friends and family.

We caught up with Karin Meyn, Creative Director Interior & Styling and Owner of Studio Piet Boon to find out what her inspiration was for the design of Pearns Bay House.

Please can you give us an overview of your background and role within Studio Piet Boon?
I was born and raised in a close-knit, warm family. As the daughter of a renowned entrepreneur and inventor, I inherited both his entrepreneurial and creative DNA. As my father was a man with great taste and a passion for art, antiques, fashion, luxurious materials, detail and quality, I developed a passion – and talent – for texture, colour, shape and materials early in life. My devouring love for interesting objects, great eye for detail and dedication to delivering the ultimate dream for each and every client, is a continuous source of my creative vision.

I joined Studio Piet Boon in 1986 as a joint business partner and Creative Director Interior & Styling. I have been instrumental in defining the philosophy and style of Studio Piet Boon. Driven by my vision and passionate approach, a clearly recognisable design signature has been developed in the last 35 years– always seamlessly corresponding with the personal requirements, taste and identity of the client in mind. Blending carefully sourced art, objects and accessories intuitively to breathe life – and personality into the studio’s projects.

I think my skills, expertise and experience are a result of working on numerous high-end projects, travelling the world and studying different cultures. Always striving to learn from my experiences to take my work and that from the team to a higher level; looking for new, transdisciplinary, inspirations whilst deeply valuing the efforts of my dedicated team. But perhaps my greatest source of inspiration is the world around me and the many great minds my work allows me to meet.

How would you describe your signature design style?
Playing with combinations of materials, colours, art and objects is very important to me. In doing so, I like to see soft curves contrast with powerful lines. I order and leave out the unnecessary, to create a sense of calm and harmony, while maintaining a subtle tension in our compositions. Finally, diversity, art and timeless, traditional objects with a soul are not absent from my designs.

What was your inspiration for the interiors of Pearns Bay House?
We were inspired by the sloping forms in the local area. The design of this villa in Antigua is distinguished by a series of terraces that nestle in the layered natural environment by the sea. Natural stone external walls provide form at the base of the house and reflect elements within the landscape. They create a natural transition from the indoor to outdoor spaces, something that is important in all our designs. Good design creates a special feeling of home, a harmonious environment that captures the specific surroundings and is inclusive of the culture and customs of a country or island. With the right approach, collaboration and execution, our interior stylists create spaces that breathe a distinct identity. They certainly succeeded in doing so here in Antigua.

What is the creative process that you go through to get to the chosen styles?
The personal wishes and taste of the client are the starting point for each project. We collect their ideas but also, we require information about their family composition and the rhythm of their daily life. After that, we do research and start collecting materials and colours that will be used in the basic design and layout. Fabrics, stone and wood types, a mood board: I want to see, touch and feel them before we start. It is an effective way for me to get an overview of the whole project, the client and, above all, to understand its essence. Also, it’s a personal way to bring our client with us on this design journey.

Can you tell us a bit more about the final furnishings and design details – how and where were they sourced and why?
Our studio team has been working on national and international projects for more than 35 years and has a lot of experience in designing various vacation and beach houses, all over the world. When designing this beach villa, the available local materials were taken into account and applied where possible. The deliberately chosen materials, such as the greyed wood, give the design a natural complement and blend into the environment. For the design, the design team was inspired by the rolling shapes of the environment. In the interior design, you see these soft shapes reflected, for example in the art objects but also in the furniture such as the BELLE armchair, from the Piet Boon collection. It’s about the right balance of hard natural materials combined with soft textures. The choice of material and colour scheme of the marble in the bathroom is inspired by the view, merging organically into the view towards the azure sea. In all the rooms, a connection is made with the outside.

How important was sustainability in the finished design and chosen interiors?
We believe that a well-chosen design should be effortless and consider every project to be its own. With each design we focus on our founding principles, marrying functional, timeless design with rich natural materials and, distinctive detail. True to our values, we seek out the ultimate match between our beliefs and the wishes of our clients. This leads to a unique set of themes that shape the creative building blocks of our design. It’s all about keen technical insight, never compromising on quality, rich simplicity and timeless design. A result of sustainable choices.

In your opinion what are going to be the next top interior design trends?
At Studio Piet Boon we don’t really believe in trends. I think in these uncertain times we are looking for a better and healthier way of life. Sustainability and well-being are inextricably linked to this. Therefore, choose quality products and timeless materials. They last longer, often become even more beautiful and it is a sustainable way of investing. By putting together the right colour palette you create tranquillity and no matter how big or small the room is, it creates unity. I think we all need this in this day and age, especially now that we are home more than ever.

What are you working on at the moment?
Together with the studio and the styling and development team, we work on a range of designs for private homes, residential and corporate developments, hospitality and an extensive range of new products. We expect to launch several new products this year. We recently uploaded new projects on our website, have a look. 

How can our audience get in touch with you and what would the process be?
Every design is unique just like every family or household. The start of each project begins with a comprehensive briefing, where we take into account your daily rhythm and personal taste. As we delve deeper into the desires and purpose of a project, each project by Studio Piet Boon becomes customized. Based on the brief, wishes and lifestyle, we balance materials, colours, objects, shapes and artwork.
Our total design approach consists of several phases where one of our Client Directors will advise you step by step;
Concept design
Preliminary and Final Sketch Design
Fixed Furniture
Lighting plan
Furniture and soft furnishings
Styling on location

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